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Linked In Post about Spotfire videos



Heard of BI Tools? No Joking, I know most of you knew there are so many BI Tools are available in the market. Some of them are free for learning and some for the trail. I really appreciate TIBCO Spotfire Qlik Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau Software, Domo, Inc., and others for giving such a wonderful opportunity to groom ourselves. Taking such opportunities, I have started developing Dashboard mashups, whitepapers by consuming open source data Adventure Works, US Gov etc.

Today I have made a couple of videos on how to Analyze the data and build a dashboard in TIBCO Spotfire tool. Hopefully, I will enhance these dashboards as per the recommendations provided by the visitors.

Also, I am very much passionate about website developments I have embedded in my professional website Very soon I will be making more videos on other BI tools.

Till then enjoy my videos from the below YouTube channel.

Vidya Sagar Malla

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